We Would Like to Help Make Your Event Fit Within Your Budget, Which is Why We Offer Our Tables, Chairs,  and Buffet Serving Items at No Extra Cost.  Come and Look Through Our Personal Collection Before You Buy! We are Glad to Offer:

 *Serving Dishes *Cake Stands *Drink Dispensers *Serving Utensils *Buffet Warmers *Ice Bucket *Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker  (Free Wifi)

You may choose 10:00-3:00 or 4:30-10:30 on Saturday. If we do the Decoration Set-up, We Need the Event to be from 1:00-3:00, or 6:30-10:30 to allow adequate time for us to set-up, if there is an overnight or other event before. Sunday and Weekday Rentals may begin any time after 11 AM and may last for a total of 6 hours from set-up to the event’s end (by 10:30 PM).

Rental for Events: $195  + Tax (Because of the Increase of Events, We’ve Hired Cleaning Help and We Have Added a $25 Cleaning Fee: $231.70 Total Rental Including Tax). If You Would Like to Clean Before Your Event, and Waive the Fee, We Can Discuss What is Involved.

**A Separate $100 Refundable Damage Deposit is Required to Reserve the Building. Deposit Will Be Returned After Inspection Within 3 Days of Rental **

**The Focus Building May Not Exceed the 49 Person Capacity per City Code**

With the $195 event rental, you may do it all yourself, or bring in your own coordinator/caterer. The Focus Building offers the following add-ons below for other affordable options:

What’s included in the $95 Decoration add-on for the party?

*We will communicate with you via, an in-person meeting or messaging, regarding your vision for your event. You can send us inspiration pictures from Pinterest or our other set-ups, and we will do our best to match your vision with our decor.  We are constantly buying new pieces to follow current trends. We will make it walk-in ready for your event, so that you may focus on your food. This is a life-saver for many! Check out our Facebook/Instagram page to see pictures of our decoration set-ups!

*We make a basic balloon garland for $40 + tax + the cost of balloons. (See photos on our Facebook/Instagram page for examples of our work.) (Most Amazon balloon garlands cost around $15.) Some have requested two balloon garlands. We will do the second balloon garland for an additional $30 + tax + the cost of balloons.

*Upon request, we will pick up your premium disposable plates/cups/napkins/utensils from Sam’s- you pay receipt price. I keep a supply and you may buy only what you need. One client paid $8.24 for 20 plates, cups, napkins, and forks.

*We will pick up flowers from the wholesale florist in town if desired- you pay receipt price for flowers. Many have enjoyed meeting us at Riverside and choosing their flowers! Only Florists and Event Venues may buy from Riverside. (To give you an idea, a batch of Eucalyptus is around $14 and a batch of Baby’s Breath is around $10.) We can arrange them in our vases or you may arrange them, or you may have a florist provide your arrangements. Pictures of our arrangements can be found on Facebook/Instagram. Putting flowers in our bottles and bud vases is included in the decoration set-up. Big arrangements have a charge of $10 per arrangement.

What does the Focus Building offer outside of the Decoration Set-up?

Balloon Garlands: We will also do a basic balloon garland, without the decoration set-up, for $40 + tax + the cost of the balloons. Some have requested two balloon garlands. We will do the second balloon garland for an additional $30 + tax + the cost of balloons.

Decoration Rentals:  We offer Table Runners, Candle Holders, Vases, and other Pieces for Affordable Prices. For example, Table Runners are Rented for $2 Each.

Bridal Party Set-Up: The Bridal Party Getting Ready set-up (also $95) includes enough 10” round mirrors set up to accommodate up to 12 bridesmaids, 2 larger mirrors, and 1 full length mirror (check out our Facebook/Instagram page for pictures). We have a nice bathroom downstairs with a big, antique mirror for a nice picture of the bride putting on her make-up or fixing her hair. For an extra $40, we will pick up your choice of food and drinks and paper products at Sam’s Pick-up or Chick-Fil-A Curbside (or other restaurant around the mall/Focus Building area – you pay receipt price), and set it all up (charcuterie board style) for the bridal party to snack on while getting ready.

Tablecloths:  We have white and black tablecloths, but most choose to use the bare wood and table runners (table runners come with the decoration set-up).  We charge $35 to Wash and Iron the Tablecloths.  You are welcome to bring in your own tablecloths, or rent them from a business who has an ironing machine. We charge $35, because it takes a lot of time to iron them by hand.

Food: I am not a caterer, but if you’d like us to be a helping hand and go to Curbside Pick-up at Sam’s/Walmart for you to get food/drinks/paper products (or receive your caterer), and set up the food/drinks out on the buffet for you (using our serving pieces), we will do that for $30-$50, depending on the amount of food (you pay the receipt price of the food/drinks/paper products). If you need us to pick up cake/cupcakes & cookies and put them on our stands, we will do that for $30. If you need us to also pick up the food and put together sandwiches or set it out on boards, we will do that for $50. We have charcuterie boards, white serving pieces, and glass serving pieces that we can use, or you may bring your own earlier that week. If you are making your own food, you may bring it early that morning, and we’ll set it all up for you. We don’t make the food, we just pick it up/receive it, and set it out for you- all ready for your guests’ arrival. This is especially convenient for those having surprise parties!

ServerIf you would like to have a helping hand during the party, we will help with getting you set up 2-3 hours before the party (if you’d like to use our decorations, We can set everything up for you), stay 2 hours during the party (make sure the trash doesn’t overflow, the buffet stays filled, take used plates/cups for your guests), and stay afterwards to clean-up. This service  is $140 ($95 for decoration set-up + $45 for serving).

Plates and Goblets:  We offer Glass or Black Plates and Glass Goblets for Rental, as well. We will Bring Them Downstairs, Offer a Large Tote for the Back of the Room to put the Dirty Dishes in, and We Will Take Them Back Upstairs, and Clean Them for $35. Goblets only, will have a $15.00 rental fee. We Have a Total of 50 Available.