The Focus Building is unbelievable! My bridesmaids and I got ready there on my wedding day, and the space was exactly what we needed. It's perfect for getting ready photos because of the lighting, gorgeous exposed brick, and modern design.The owners went above and beyond to accommodate our group and blessed us with beautiful details - they thought of everything! If you're getting married in the downtown Paducah area, I would highly recommend booking The Focus Building for your day!
Allie Phillips
I attended "Focus on Some Downtime" in April to make wooden door hangers. I wasn't sure what I was doing going to an event where I would actually make something (not crafty at all). After I arrived, I knew exactly why I was there. It wasn't about the door hanger. It was a night that was truly "focused on downtime." The building itself is so warm and inviting. Nikki was the absolute best hostess. It was a wonderful night just to enjoy the company of others in a wonderful setting. I can't wait until I have an excuse to rent this place for a special occasion.
Kristen Sanderson
My Daughter and I attended the "Focus on Little Hearts" event making a Terrarium. Nikki sent out a message asking us to come up with 4 positive words for our kids. My daughter absolutely loved it! I loved the fact that not only did the kids make an absolutely adorable Terrarium, but Nikki taught them a very valuable lesson. The cool thing is how she incorporated the lesson into the project. Plant kind words to lift up others. Awesome! Later that night, my daughter wrote me a thank you note for taking her. She listened to what Nikki had said! Thank you for reaching out to the kids and making them feel loved and important.
Kristen Sanderson